isiolosm1isiolosm2NWCPC officials held a stakeholders forum between 7th and 10th November 2017 at the Sportsman’s Arms Hotel in Nanyuki with Isiolo County leaders. This comes after similar forums were held in 2016 with stakeholders from Samburu, Laikipia and Isiolo counties on proposed Isiolo dam project.

The main agenda of the meeting was to brief the leaders on the progress of the proposed project and to respond to their questions especially regarding the environmental impact of the project. Contrary to reports that the dam will deplete Ewaso Ng’iro River and affect residents downstream, the dam will actually guarantee continuous flow of the river downstream and mitigate effects of floods. The Principal Secretary in the State Department of Water Services Prof. Fred Segor reiterated this when he visited the county last year. He said the government will continue to engage all stakeholders to ensure consensus before the project is implemented.

“We will also ensure that we will not kill the source of the river, the natural outlet would not be tampered with to allow those living downstream to access water.” NWCPC Chair Dr. Kones said that the dam is one of the major Vision 2030 projects that is expected to benefit residents of the three counties. He added that the project will serve a population of about 220,726 people in the initial year 2020, 343,560 people in the future year 2030 and 564,819 in the ultimate year 2040. “The projected water demand is 7,894m3/day for the initial year 2020, 18,957m3/day in the future year 2030 and 60,000m3/day in the ultimate year 2040.”

The Ag. Managing Director Dr. (Eng.) Ali I. Hassan urged leaders to embrace the project saying it will come with immense benefits. He urged them to grab the opportunity adding that NWCPC was ready to answer all their questions regarding the project. “We are ready as the Corporation to ensure smooth implementation of this project. However, we must work together as a team. That is why we are here. To seek consensus.” He added that Consultative forums between all stakeholders from the three counties and NWCPC will continue.