This is to inform our esteemed clients and stakeholders that National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation (NWCPC) has transited to form National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority (NWHSA) according to Water Act 2016. We shall no longer use our old website which we intend to discontinue any time soon and we shall therefore use the new website Waterauthority for all our business transactions.


mdmburumdmburu2 On the left is the Board Chairman Dr. Kones giving his remarks during the meeting and on the right Ag. MD Eng. Sammy Mburu makes a point during the meeting.

Eng. Sammy Mburu has been appointed as the acting Managing Director of National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation effective 27th June 2018. Eng. Mburu was formerly the Chief Manager Technical Services at the Lake Victor South Water Services Board and has over 30 years’ experience in the water sector.

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NWCPC offers its services to benefit the Citizens of Kenya
The services can be offered to community groups and also to individuals
A feasibility study is carried out by NWCPC Engineers in an area of interest by individual or communities
The cost may vary depending on depth required to reach water table.

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In line with alleviating water scarcity and associated challenges in Kenya as well as promoting realization of our Vision 2030 on provision of quality water to Kenyans, NWCPC through the BDU offers professional services in the Water Sector on very competitive commercial basis. The following are the current technical services offered by the BDU;
(a) Hydro-geological Investigations for Borehole Works,
(b) Drilling and Equipping of Boreholes,
(c) Design of Small Dams and Pans,
(d) Construction of Small Dams and Pans,
(e) Environmental Impact Assessment Studies,
(f) Construction Supervision of Small Dams and Pans,
(g) Design of Water Supply Systems,
In the near future, BDU will be offering various services in development of large dams.

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Since provision of adequate clean water is a right that is enshrined in our Constitution. The Corporation through the BDU targets all individuals, private and public entities in provision of our technical services. Our Clients database includes but not limited to the following customers;
(a) Private Citizens,
(b) Community Groups,
(c) Government Institutions such as Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Airports Authority, National Security and Social Fund, etc,
(d) The Government of Kenya through various ministries,
(e) County Governments,
(f) Non Governmental Organizations,
(g) Institutions such as schools, hospitals, hotels, etc,
(h) Water Services Boards,

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For its current and future potentials, BDU has had to maintain a network of stakeholders in both private and public organizations. In the public arena, BDU has offered services to the central and county governments. The success of the Unit has been realised because of its close association with the central government departments. BDU is currently undertaking projects in Wajir, Mandera and Marsabit counties. It has also touched base with Nairobi, Nandi, Nakuru, Kisumu, Homa bay and Laikipia counties for partnership arrangements.
From its inception, BDU has been involved in a number of projects. These include but not limited to:

  1. Design and Construction of Olerai Pan in Kajiado County
  2. Drilling and Equipping of Maili Kumi borehole in Mwatate,
  3. Drilling and Equipping Kiminini Matunda borehole,
  4. Drilling and Equipping of borehole for KWS at Ngong Senior Staff Quarters,
  5. Drilling and Equipping of a borehole Presidential Escort Quarters in Nairobi,
  6. Drilling and Equipping of Elbulbul borehole in Narok
  7. Drilling and Equipping of Westpark borehole in Nairobi
  8. Drilling and Equipping of various boreholes in Wajir for the County Governemnt,
  9. Drilling and Equipping Ritibo borehole,
  10. Drilling and Equipping Subuiga borehole,

The Unit has also utilized our Dredger/Water Master equipment (the only equipment of its kind in the country) in removal of water hyacinth weeds on Lake Victoria. These works have been done in partnership with the County Government of Kisumu

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In order to promote availability of water to Kenyans, the BDU commits to offer very competitive rates in implementation of our technical services.  The following table gives guidance on estimated charges for various services.  However, we urge our potential Clients to contact us for enquiries and clarifications since all engineering projects are unique in design approach, costing and construction.

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Hon. Dr. Julius K. Kones
Hon. Kones was appointed by the President as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Hon. Kones is a man with a mission to transform the organization. He was born in the year 1972 at Cheptalal village, went to Kitalal Primary School and later joined Kaboson Secondary School in Bomet District in the year 1986. He has a PhD in Mathematics from the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, a Master and Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics and Statistics from Moi University.
The former statistics lecturer at the University of Nairobi is the immediate former MP for Konoin Constituency in Bomet County. He says he had given little thought to running for an elective position but some residents pushed him into it. He was initially skeptical about contesting but made up his mind only four weeks into party nominations.
The former politician owes his past political success to his grassroots connections and his academic credentials.
While being introduced to directors and senior management of the organization, Hon. Kones said he will harmonize the staff and services for better results as well as making the Corporation profitable.
"Over the years, the Corporation has had a 100 percent dependency on the Exchequer, a situation that must be reversed by way of commercialization", he said. He noted that his tenure will focus on commercialization through public-private partnership and on projects that will give value for money.
He promised to ensure the recruitment of personnel that are ready to work efficiently and improve the image of the organization. He said for the time he will chair the Corporation Board, he will ensure that the public receives efficient, affordable and reliable water services.
Hon. Kones has an outstanding resolution in success which is what he believes in regardless of age. As an anti-corruption objector, he believes in offering good services to the public comprising of affordable and efficient water supply.
"When you want change, you have to play an active role." He has promised to look into all incomplete projects of NWCPC and ensure that the Corporation does not experience negative publicity.
He is also routing for the completion of the new office block so that all employees work in a comfortable environment.
We welcome him aboard and wish him all the best during his tenure!